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The king in Scotland Outstanding performance by one of the most prominent pop rock authors on his “Just Trust” tour, which is a rich collection of great songs from the 1970s to the present. Elvis Costello is a great author,

Supreme audio-visual experience by the Five Finger Death Punch in Budapest Another visit to the László Papp Sports Arena in Budapest! This time the American metal band Five Finger Death Punch honored their fans with great sound, superb visual effects,

Slipknot + Behemoth – a dark spectacle in Budapest This Tuesday, two great bands eclipsed the László Papp sports arena in Budapest with hard sound and visual magic. Blackers from Poland, Behemoth and American heavy (ex-nu) metal band have teamed

Richard Bona: “A secret behind playing bass and singing at the same time is the practice and repetition. If somebody tells you otherwise – they are lying” Richard Bona, who became the synonym for the bass instrument, is coming to