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Bajaga & instruktori prije nego što stupe na pozornicu Arene Zagreb gostovat će u Londonu 21. veljače od 20 sati. Ulaznice su već u prodaji, a prvih 200 koštaju 40 funti OVDJE.  Koncert će biti održan u Karma Ealingu. 2018.

Goodbye! 2018 began with two decisions – I will stop apologising for being me and I will confront each and every problem head on while pursuing my dreams. Today, on New Year’s Eve, I am proud to say I did

First Christmas While I am engaging in pagan rituals, my first Christmas outside of Croatia is approaching. I was never much into celebrating it, gifts always seemed like a hassle and family time was something that annoyed me. All this

Networking Networking. The process in which everyone gets drunk so they don’t feel weird while repeating the same 5 sentences to different people. My first event of this type took place last Wednesday in the form of Sandbox Social, organised

Is this really happening? Every now and then, shit happens. Tilting at windmills becomes much more than you can handle and you just want to crawl into your bed and cry. In my case, even the bed was not an

Jazz it up! After years of dreaming about visiting EFG London Jazz Festival, this year I finally crossed it off my bucket list. I have heard so many fantastic musicians playing this week I could probably write a small book

Gebeurtenissen Christmas is coming, winter is not. People are running wild on Oxford Street, there are more and more events as December approaches and I am having trouble keeping track of everything I want to see and do, but at

Tech me out! While I am trying to find my way in this jungle, the world is moving at a glorious pace. Due to my creative working habits, I recently embarked on a tech adventure, which started to rapidly change

Nakon sjajne rasprodane turneje po Velikoj Britaniji s bendom Morcheeba, jedna od naših najcjenjenijih kantautorica, Irena Žilić ide i na turneju po Italiji za nekoliko dana! Irena će se tako pridružiti Morcheebi na njihovim koncertima u klubu Estragon u Bologni

The Times They Are a-Changin’! So the rat race begins. I commute to work for nearly three hours, and then another three back home, with all the other happy people blessed with being too poor to live in the city