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Gebeurtenissen Christmas is coming, winter is not. People are running wild on Oxford Street, there are more and more events as December approaches and I am having trouble keeping track of everything I want to see and do, but at

Dear London, I love you! At the beginning I would like to make one thing clear – living cheaply in London is more than possible. To be honest, you can live however you prefer. In Croatia people tend to live

make.believe Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita – two Sonny-boys that stand behind one of the biggest corporations in the world – Sony. Their enthusiasm and scientific background made possible for the world to listen to music on the go, and

Tech me out! While I am trying to find my way in this jungle, the world is moving at a glorious pace. Due to my creative working habits, I recently embarked on a tech adventure, which started to rapidly change

“Galileo, Galileo…” After finding out that electronic music is stepping into London’s cultural high scene, the last piece of me that had doubts about this phenomenal city was kicked out of the system. In September this year, Royal Albert Hall

The Times They Are a-Changin’! So the rat race begins. I commute to work for nearly three hours, and then another three back home, with all the other happy people blessed with being too poor to live in the city

Have you ever dared to dream big? In May this year, I decided to move to London. I quit my job in music publishing, moved back to my hometown and worked as a freelancer over the summer to save as

Mračno, sanjivo, distorzirano, efektno, produkcijski sjajno i žanrovski neuobičajeno za ove prostore. Zove se “Correlation”, a novi je album dubrovačkog shoegaze/dream pop benda Embassy 516. Od objave njihovog prvog albuma „Surveillance of the environment“ prošlo je šest godina. Dok uspoređujem

U sklopu posljednjeg dana 12. Međunarodnog etno jazz festivala na Starom gradu Dubovcu u Karlovcu, u nedjelju, 22. srpnja je održan koncert sjajnog sastava Revoir Paris predvođenog fantastičnim Renaudom Garciom-Fonsom. Revoir Paris je jedan od najcjenjenijih etno jazz sastava u

Još se jednom vraćamo na ovogodišnji Sea Star Festival koji je u Umagu ugostio i prvu damu drum’n’bass scene u Hrvata – Tekitoku. Tekitoka, pravim imenom Dina Akšamija, svoju karijeru započinje u Karlovcu i od tada praši scenom energičnim setovima